Chaise Restoration including deep buttoning and a hand stitched horsehair seat in Marton, Ulverston, Cumbria

Lovely old chaise in for a new seat and re-buttoning. A full restoration project.

Stripped down ready for work to start.

New hand stitched seat finished, and buttoning done. Ruched border stitched into place, with cord to finish.

Seat, arm and head finished. Cord being stitched into place. Bottom buttoned border and outsides to do.

Showing a close up of the beautiful rolled head, finished with ruched fabric and cord.

Finished and back home In Low Seaton, near Workington, Cumbria.

Sofa Restoration - Re-cover Sofas in the Lake District town of Ulverston, Cumbria

Below are a selection of photographs showing some of the re-upholstery and sofa restoration work being carried out. There is a lovely double drop-end sofa that needed completely re-springing and re-seating before re-covering.


The sofa restoration photographs show some of the stages involved in this complex job.

Sofa ready for restoration The sofa arrives.
The old seat is completely removed ready for frame repairs before re-webbing. Only the front edge springs need removing now.

After the seat has been re-webbed with traditional black and white webbing, the springs are lashed into position.

Re-covering chairs in Ulverston Horse-hair seat stitched, tied and now with second hair layer in place.

After a layer of cotton felt and then polyester, calico is put on the seat before the fabric goes on. This holds the shape of the seat and helps make it easier to re-cover with fabric.

Fabric is skewered into place on the seat, waiting to be stitched. The drop arms have been covered and the inside back is ready to be stripped of old fabric ready for a polyester wrap and the new fabric.

Just finishing the inside back off. All the outsides need stitching on now, and the front seat border.

The sofa restoration is finished all ready for delivery.

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